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Youth In College / Vocational Training Program

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Eligibility Requirements:


Important Plans To Consider:

What the Youth In College/Vocational Training Program DOES NOT Cover:

Important Dates

Please mail the following documents to the Office of Education and Transition Services (OETS) by the following dates:
August 15 Schedule, Summer Grades, Address Changes
January 15 Schedule, Fall Grades, Address Changes
June 15 Schedule, Spring Grades, Address Changes


Please contact your caseworker for more information and assistance with form CFS 449 (Youth in College/Vocational Training Program application)
OETS Chicago 312-814-5959
OETS Springfield 217-557-2689


Youth In College (YIC) Survey

Note: A youth's application cannot be processed after his/her 21st birthday. It is imperative that caseworker's for older youth assist the youth in completing and submitting the application to OETS no later than six weeks prior to the youth's 21st birthday.

Last Updated: December 11, 2009