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If you are trying to find a doctor or other medical professional for a problem or just to talk to, you can look here:

information Primary Care Provider - contact the HealthWorks coordinator serving the county where you live. The HealthWorks Coordinator can also give you information about public health clinics and services in your area.

Dental Care
call Dentaquest Dental Services of Illinois at
1 - 888 - 286 - 2447.

Vision Care
call the toll-free helpline at
1 - 800 - 226 - 0768.

information DCFS/DHFS Medical Card
Hotline: 1 - 800 - 228 - 6533You or the doctor can call this number to verify the Medicaid number and period of eligibility.

information Doctors and Clinics for Teens and Young Adults

information If you are just looking for general information about health problems or questions, you can get the information you are looking for at these websites

information Health Insurance Options for Youth Aging Out of DCFS: AllKids, FamilyCare, ICHIP

information Making Healthly Choices This new guide —written specifically for youth in foster care with input from youth and professionals— looks at ways to handle powerful feelings and behaviors and make healthy choices. Understanding how psychotropic medication can help and what other options are available can be challenging. This guide can help you decide what's best. Making Healthy Choices includes useful information, questions to ask, worksheets, and tips on:
(1) Recognizing you need help (2) Knowing your rights about your health and who can help you make decisions (3) Considering your options, including helpful approaches other than medication (4) Making decisions about how best to stay healthy (5) Maintaining treatment (taking medication safely and continuing or stopping treatment after leaving foster care) 

information Other programs to keep you and your family healthy: Illinois Healthy Women, WIC, Food Stamps
Welcome to PowerZones!
We hope that you find this section filled with key information you can use to grow to your very best potential in mind, body and spirit. As you grow up, you will probably encounter a very serious threat to your success, addictions. Addictions are compulsive habits that will take complete destructive control of your resources, time and relationships.
Addiction is a disease that will make your life unmanageable. Behavior is an addiction when we do these things over and over again despite getting in trouble and ignoring the negative consequences that follow. When we think of addictions we most often think of alcohol and drugs, but the truth is there are many behaviors that can be addictive: over-eating, gambling, sexual behaviors problems, video games and internet, over-spending, etc. There are also drugs, such as tobacco/cigarettes/cigars and caffeine; people commonly use them without thinking of what levels that these substances also become addictive. Some youth may take addictive prescription medicines that have not been prescribed for them or they do not use the medication according to doctor's instructions.